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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  March 1, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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again today in western maryland. they got snow over the weekend. garrett county public schools closed this morning. >> beautiful shot this morning. >> gorgeous shot. i think it will be a pretty decent day as well. >> we'll see milder temperatures. just a couple of degrees milder but that will be enough to get us close to 50 degrees. here is a look at the satellite- radar. some clouds out there this morning. take a look at this storm system continuing to impact the northeast particularly across maine, new hampshire, vermont. more snow, mixed precipitation and breezy to windy conditions there as that big blizzard continues to sit off the coast and spin around there. significant. luckily, we are not in under that. here is a look at what is happening right now at reagan national airport. current temperature, 38 degrees. relative humidity, 65%. your winds are out of the northwest at 10 miles per hour. the forecast for today is not bad. inwe'll see a good amount of sunshine today. mostly sunny. still breezy though.
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winds between 15 to 20 miles per hour. they could gust at time up to 30 miles per hour looking for a high of about 49 degrees. our average high for this date is 50 degrees. that is a look at the weather. more is coming up in just a little bit. >> thank you. let's get to julie wright and find out about traffic this morning. >> we're not looking so bad right now. we have alittle fender bender that we need to talk about and that is southbound along the baltimore-washington parkway just before the reach the new york kenilworth avenue split. you want to stay for the far left to get by there. expect delays building from the pepsi plant heading south. right now, lane are open leaving riverdale and cheverly headed into northeast. southbound 270 slowing out of hyattstown l are delays headed down to the truck scales. no incidents to report. you will also find if you are traveling south on 355 this morning out of frederick, the pace is good leaving i-70. no problems to report if you are traveling in on georgia avenue headed out towards the beltway. northbound 395 coming as cro the 14th street bridge, lanes
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are open with light traffic volume at this time. coming outbound, that is westbound off the friday to the westbound 14th street bridge, that is where we have a stalled car. no incidents to report on 66. lanes are open. the pace is slowing trafficking between the two 234 -- the pace is slowing traveling between the two 234 interchanges. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. there is death and devastation in the aftermath of that massive earthquake in chile and now the government is trying to get looting under control. president of chile has given the military control over security in the area. loot hes have ravaged stores, gas stations and banks. some were forced to put the rescue on hold because of tear gas fired to stop the looters. >> it is a necessity. we need to do this. we don't have water, anything. >> it was horrible. we lost everything, the cars,
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our car, and our son's car, the house, everything. >> the death toll from the 8.8 quake has now reached more than 700. officials say 500,000 homes were damaged and destroyed. secretary of state hillary clinton is on her way to latin america for a week-long five- nation tour. she will stop in the capital tomorrow to show america's support for rescue and recovery operations there. secretary clinton was originally scheduled to go to child yes for talks with the nice's outgoing and incoming presidents. that is until the earthquake took priority. can you follow the latest developments from the earthquake in chile on click on the news tap which is right there on the home page. this morning, thousands of federal workers are off the job not being paid because of what is not going on on capitol hill. some # thousand transportation workers are furloughed today because republicans in the senate blocked bail that would have extended federal highway and transit programs.
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funding reimbursements to states are frozen and work is stopped. that includes the rehab of the humpback bridge. top senate republicans expect they will vote this week to extend the jobless benefits but say her just making sure they can find the money to pay for them. metro riders now paying more for their trip around town. the 10-cent fare increase went into effect over the weekend. baseboarding charge for trains now $1.75. $1.45 for bus rides and metered access is now $2.60. the-- and metro access is now $2.60. the temporary now lasting through june. fewer teachers, more students an slashed bus service are just a few of the cuts approved for prince george's county schools. the board of education said it had no choice but to cut to the bone because the budget is so tight. they are calling for cutting 800 positions,nearly half coming from the classroom. expanding class sizes at every level except pre-k and
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kindergarten. four people are hurt after being run done by a vehicle. it happened this morning on university boulevard in lackly park. the injuries range from minor to serious though everybody is expected to be okay. not far from that sce, police are investigating a homicide. they say a man was found just before midnight in the 8100 block of 15th avenue in hyattsville. detectives are not saying how the man died. by the time i got about 3/4 of the way down there, the plane fell out of the tree down on to the ground. >> it exploded or? >> no, it was already exploded. it was already on fire. >> the national transportation safety board will try to answer the question of what caused a plane for fall out of the sky. the pilot was trying to land at lee airport when he crashed scientist local marine has been arrested and police think he could be behind a recent string of crimes.
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they arrested george torres on saturday in arlington. he is accused of trying to force a woman into a car along north qibsy street last month and -- quincy street last month and stealing her purse. president obama had his first routine physical since taking office. the results, now in. the 48-year-old in excellent health according to his doctor. the doctor have d. have a few recommendation for the president saying that he should continue to try to stop smoking, keep up exercise to strengthen his legs and modify his diet to lower his ldl cholesterol below 10. coming up next, the desperate search if a california teenager and this morning, new details on an arrest in this case. think before you click. we'll talk with an attorney about how some of the things that you post on facebook, twitter or other social media sites can get you in trouble if you are not careful. the olympic games come to an end in vancouver. fox 5 morning news will be back right after the break.  with fios you have instant access
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to news, traffic and weather without changing the channel. i will be ready for whatever the day throws at me. uh, looks like torrential rain, bumper to bumper traffic and some kind of weird smell downtown. i will be working from home today. my sister's coming. i can make it. i'm sure she's lovely.
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a register the sex offender has been arrested in the disappear abc ever a california teenager. 17-year-old chelsea king went for a job in san diego last thursday but never came home. investigators found evidence in that park leading them to 30- year-old john albert. they are not saying what the evidence is or where king may be. a deadly storm has swept through europe killing more than 50 people. the raging atlantic so shen crashed through sea walls in one french town leaving homes and water up to the roofs. helicopters started plucking people from the water and taking them to dry land. flooding killed most of the victims in france and others died from parts of falling buildings or trees hit them. more than 1,200,000 homes and business still without heat and light in the northeast.
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utility teams from as far away as michigan and maryland continue to try to help to fix theutility poles that snapped during the winter storm. new hampshire was the hardest hit. 83,000 people are still in the dark. >> i know you don't want to hear this but we could be in store for another winter blast this week. we'll check in with tony after the break. the u.s. has an extremely successful run at the olympics. we'll look at the medal count up next. 
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the 21st winter olympics ended with a bang. huge crowds gathered near the main press center and international broadcast center to watch the flame be extinguished from vancouver's iconic waterfront called ron. >> couldn't have ended any better for the host country though. team canada and usa faced off
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for gold in men's hockey. what a thriller this game was. americans down by -- through outthe game but would fight back scoring the tying goal with 24 seconds left in the game. that would send it into overtime. but in the end, sydney crosby scoring the gold clinching ge winner for canada. >> the united states had plenty to cheer about. the united states won the over y'all medal count with 37. germany came in second with 30. canada had six but the canadians took home the most gold medals with 14. we actually break our rule at home yesterday of not having the television on during summertime so tommy could watch the end of that game. i'm like okay, okay, today, it's okay. >> i watched the hockey game. it was awe great game. >> it was. -- it was a great game gentleman it was great to seat canadians win in their home country. the americans looked so dejected i felt bad. but it is a silver medal.
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>> it was great to have them tie it up at the end of of the game. >> in some ways, it was -- particularly if you are a canadian, which i'm not, it was a perfect ending because for us for the americans to come back and tie it up right at the end. that is exciting. and then canada goes on and wind it for their home country. it was fun to watch. >> it was good. >> good stuff. >> what are we doing on this first day of march. we are looking towards spring here. >> let's look towards spring for a day and then we'll get some wintry mess for tuesday night and wednesday. i do think right now that the weekend looks good, the upcoming weekend. >> never too early to stt looking at the weekend. >> you're right. we'll start with the bus stop forecast as you are getting the kids ready for school. here we go. mostly sunny. still breezy. temperatures primarily in the mid- a upper 30s. sunrise this morning will be at 6:41 an you will see that. we'll see a fine sunrise this
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morning and a lot of sunshine during the course of the day. there you go. now, let's take a look at the current temperatures around the region. they are for the most part in the mid and upper 30s. in the district, we've got a temperature of 38 degrees. we'll bring that up for you. there you go. 37 up in gaithersburg. 39 in manassas. baltimore is at 35. annapolis, 38 degrees. same in qawptd i co, virginia. not too bad of a start. cold but not brutally cold out there. wind, that is part of the story today. it will be breezy. winds gusting up to about 16 miles per hour in annapolis. 26miles per hour in manassas. so a breezy start to the day. i do it can will be a -- it will be a breezy day throughout the day today. -- 38 degrees in quantico, virginia. any precipitation is up to the north. our next storm system way down
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in texas write now bringing rain across many portions of the state. some frozen mix up in the panhandle. what we are going to see with this system, i think the bulk of the system remained to our south and east but it could bring some wintry mix. maybe some rain mixed with snow tuesd night into the day on wednesday. right now, we are not expecting significant accumulations. just a kind of messy conditions tuesday night into wednesday during the day. for today, mostly sunny skies. still breezy. wind out of the northwest 15 to 20 miles per hour gusting up to 0 miles per hour. 49degrees for your high. that is not bad. tomorrow, there is your wintry mix but note our temperatures. they are critical and they are key and our daytime highs are warm enough that that could be rain that falls down. we'll have to wait and see how that develops. thursday and friday, highs in the low to mid-40s but by the weekend, i think we'll be right around 50 degrees, right about where we should fob this time of year. now, let's got an update on traffic. for that, we go to julie wright.
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>> is it just me? you know that thing about march comes in like lay lion and goes out like a lamb. march is coming in. can it bring breakfast. a girl is hungry. can i get some eggs? >> that would be nice. >> something. i'm not sure if this commute is coming in like a lion or not but it is busy. crew in sky fox is over a crash before the new york-kenilworth avenue split. right here at the split as you make your way in towards d.c. route 295 or continue to new york avenue, the accident activity has cleared and traffic coming inbound is now starting to slow well before the pepsi plant. inbound 50 could save you some time. southbound 270 here at falls road, main line picking up the usual suspects headed south. we do have an incident pushed over to the shoulder. some rubbernecking delays trying to get past the scene there. eastbound 66 as you travel close in to the capital
6:20 am
beltway, stalled car moved out of the roadway but traffic still slows from nutley street for 495. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. a travel alert today about jfk airport up in new york. starting today, main runway will be shut down for the next four months. if your travels take you through the airport, airlines say there will be delays and also higher ticket prices through jfk. from the runway to the roads now, the president of toyota working to restore the automaker's reputation. but how big of an effect will the recent recalls have on sales? our business beat is next. also coming up, a new twist on identity theft. reports of people stealing health information. are your medical records at risk?  this is whole soy.
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beijing as part of a broader effort to resister to sister automaker's reputation. that trip comes on the heels of a meeting in washington where u.s. lawmakers grilled toyoda on the company's recall of more than eight million vehicles. those recalls expected to lead to a major dip in sales. for more on all of this, chris cotter from fox business network joins us from new york. good morning, chris. >> good morning. >> okay. so actually tomorrow we are supposed to be getting some figures on auto sales here in the united states. not a good time for toyota for sure although sales are expected to be better overall for ago. >> yeah, you know what? just a little bit better than a year ago. here is the thing with all the sales we'll get tomorrow. we'll get toyota sales. they are projected to be down around 10% which is a big jump for them. looking back to february of 2009. now, from a comparison standpoint, we're expecting
6:25 am
total sales to be up 14%. they better be because february of 2009 was an absolute disaster. so toyota loses a bit. ford, hyundai, nissan, even honda pick up the slack. we're expecting big months out of those four manufacturers but overall on an annualized basis, that is how we like to look at it. how many cars have they sold the same amount every month this they sold in tweb of 2010, how much would they sell, about 10.7 million. that is right at the bottom of where the automotive industry needs to be to remain healthy. overall, not a very good month but you look at it and you say a big part of that has to be the weather. we are using that as an excuse. but let's face it. february was a disaster from a home building perspective, automotive perspective, jobs perspective, consumer spending. everybody hopes that march will be better. february is going fob a little depressed because of that. >> february not so bad though
6:26 am
when it comes to wall street, right? >> february is great. we were up almost 3% in the month of february. and it is strange because, when you think about it, i wouldn't have thought that had i not looked back and seen the numbers. i would have thought we were so choppy that we probably would have end the the month flat. we were just up and down and zig damaging all over the place. it ended up being a pretty good month. i expect march to be the same. very volatile. we goat a lot of economic data to have to sift through. whether it is manufacturing today or on friday, the big jobs report. that is what everyone is going to be looking forward to and kind of nervous this week looking forward to that unemployment report on friday. the unemployment rate is expected to tick i'm notch from 9.7 to 9.8 on friday. so a lot of nerves this week. >> it is march 1st. it is monday. we can find kind of maybe look forward a little bit and hope things get better, right?
6:27 am
>> it is not snowing. something to look forward to. >> thank you, chris. have a good day. see you tomorrow. we still have a lot ahead this morning. thousands of federal workers are furloughed today, including a lot of people in our area. we will find out who is impacted and why they are off the job without pay. offers of aid are pouring in from around the world for chile. the latest on the rescue and relief efforts under way. dreams are amazing things.
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welcome back. nice view of the capitol this morning. sun coming up. look real pretty. >> very nice. although, they still had a little bit of snow in garrett county in maryland and because of that, we should point out that garrett county schools are closed today because of all that snow they got. again, garrett county public schools closed again today. >> they got hit over the weekend. >> they did.
6:31 am
>> and beautiful sunrise this morning. a little windy outside. >> a little bit breezy. our winds have been gusting across the region at over 20 miles per hour this weekend. i think it will albright breezy day but i think it will be a pretty day. not bad at all. we'll start with the current conditions being reported at reagan national airport. barometer is on the rise. temperature is not. it is 38 degrees. remains 38 degrees. relative humidity, 62%. those winds at reagan national out of the northwest at eight miles per hour. no particularly significant gusts reported recently at reagan national but elsewhere, over 20 miles per hour. there is your satellite-radar. there is that big storm. still impacting portions of new england mainly with rain and wind this morning. but it just really sits off the coast there, continues to spin around. for us, we have clouds in over us but it is a mix of clouds and sun. and later on today, i think it will be mostly sunny so it will be a pretty day. we are kind of between two systems. for today, look for sunshine, breezy conditions. wind could gust up to 30 miles
6:32 am
per hour here and there. high today about 49 degrees. that is one degree shy of our average high for the day which is 50 degrees. for the record, february goes into the books as being four degrees below normal on average. so it was one of our colder februarys in some time. >> seems like even more than that. >> it was more than that up until the last week and a half. at one point we were at five and a half degrees below normal. >> you know, spring is going to feel really good this year. >> once it gets hereit absolutely is. we want to mention coming unin about 15 minutes, we have today's edition of ask the weather guy and the question is all about the cold air that we've been seeing this winter. so we'll answer that for you coming up. >> let's get to julie wright and get a look at traffic. >> again, it has been quite the busy morning. sky fox not too long ago was over the bw parkway which was troubled with an accident at the new york ken ill wort avenue split. all of that activity has
6:33 am
cleared. if you are traveling southbound, you will find delays as you travel out of the riverdale headed in towards heverly. outer loop blast along the right side of your screen approaching georgia avenue, lanes are open. uter loop of the beltway is tied up leaving 95 headed into silver spring. we'll update your right elsewhere and if those conning the trip along southbound 270, accident actvity here in the local lanes tying up the right side of two. the right lane of two is what is blocked. if you are coming southbound, you swing by there and continue out towards montrose road. eastbound 66, past numb knutly street, the remains of a disaedvehicle are still here. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. prayers are going out to the people of chile from around the world following a devastating earthquake. right now, the death toll is more than 700 for himming the quake on saturday and hundreds of thousands of homes have been destroyed. some families in the united states are still waiting to
6:34 am
hear from their loved ones in chile. mary ann rafferty has the latest. >> reporter: chile's government is stepping up efforts to find people who still may be in need of help. another 10,000 troops will be on hand to lend assistance. for many families here in the united states, it is still a waiting game hoping their loved ones are safe. >> i actually poeted on facebook and you said if anybody knows anything about my mom, please let me know. >> reporter: with 1.5 million homes damaged, officials concede the situation is much worse than they expected. an with more than 50 aftershocks since the initial quake, there could be even more devastation. despite all this, many structures have seemingly with stood the worst of t the same can be said for the people of chile. >> having all this type of events, earthquake and trembles so chile is very well prepared.
6:35 am
we know exactly what to do in cases like this. >> reporter: speaking from the vatican on sunday, pope benedict xvi had this to say. >> my thoughts go to chile and to the population hit about the i quake that cause the several losses of human life and serious damage. >> reporter: the biggest earthquake ever recorded struck the same area of chile in 1960. it had a magnitude of 9.5 and all set off a tsunami which had devastating effects in pacific countries including japan and the philippines. our complete coverage of the chile earthquake continues on-line. can you go to for the late information 4/7. can you also find out ways that you can help by clicking on the news tab which is on the home page. our other big stories this more than, metro's temporary fare hike now in effect. the increase to help use the budget deficit will be a dime
6:36 am
increase across the board. the baseboarding charge jumps to $1.75. the fare hike is expected to last through june, although metro is considering another increase for later this summer. thousands of federal transportation workers are temporarily out of a job furloughed because republicans in the senate block awed bill to he can tend highway and transit programs. >> air say simmons is live this morning at the humpback bridge on the gw parkway. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you both. as you know, because of this, work will halt today on the humpback bridge project here across the gw parkway. of course, that may be good news for some drivers would don't like to drive through here and deal with that but this is bad news for those employees who rely on the jobs to put footed on the table day in and day out. let's take a look at the numbers. this will affect # thousand transportation workers. they will be furloughed due to this. the federal money for states for highway programs halt as of
6:37 am
midnight last night. it expired. it was set to expire last night. -- this will of course 2,000 transportation workers. this was tied to benefits for 400,000 americans as well. the humpback bridge project which is $36 million is affected. furloughs will go into place and a freeze on the payments for this project as of right now. the administration is saying that this is the result of a decision made last week by republican senators to block the legislation that would have extend the the federal highway and transit programs and those unemployment benefits. now, they are saying that the $10 billion measure, he has said this would add to the budget deficit. he says that is why he is against t so as you can see here this morning, we have a standoff in spending. the partisan divide is very obvious here but the work will stop here on the humpback
6:38 am
bridge project as of this morning and several workers, many workers will be in limbo this morning. back to you. >> thank you. and new this morning, four people are hurt after being run down by a vehicle. it happened just before #:00 this morning on university boulevard in langley park. their injuries range from minor to serious though everybody is expected to be okay. the driver was arrested at the scene. and not far from that scene, police are versioning a homicide. they say a man was found just before midnight in the 8100 block of 15th avenue in hyattsville. detectives not saying how the man died. a u.s. marine stationed in arlington is in trouble with the law. 21-year-old george torres is accused of robbing a woman at gunpoint. police say he tried to force her into a qar along north quincy street and stole her purse -- into a car. coming up next, a new identity theft concern. reports of people stealing
6:39 am
health care. are your medical records at risk. think before you click. we'll talk with an attorney about the risk you take evy time you date your stattous a social web site. and then coming up at 7:00, spring break is right around the corner. we'll talk with a travel reporter from usa today about how you can get away for less. coupon codes, the best time to become a flight. all of that information straight ahead. stay with us. whatcha doing, little bite?
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and get a second one free including the palm pre plus for $149.99 or the palm pixi plus for $79.99. at verizon. how about over here? n-- let's go back to the left. waffling is back at dunkin' donuts. for a short time only, enjoy threturn of the delicious oven-toasted waffle breakfast sandwich. america runs on dunkin'. we are on call with a different kind of identity theft that is on the rise. hospital officials say more and more patients are walking into emergency rooms pretending to be somebody else to get free health care. victims have the risk of inaccurate information such as blood type and medication recorded in their charts. hospitals are now teaching staffabout red flags that signal when a patient is using somebody else's name, social security number or inurance
6:43 am
card. new research suggests that the odds of owe best are stacked against black and hispanic children even about they are born. the findings help explain high obesity rates in minority children. researchs say family income is also a factor but there are cultural customs and beliefs involved also. school lunch are taking some of the blame for obesity in children. the first lady recently launched lets move to aguessively fight childhood obesity. let's check in with tony for a look outside. getting closer and closer to normal out there. >> yes, it is. a couple of days, we'll be below normal and then hopefully by the weekend being we'll be right back up where we should be. >> march is always a transitionle time. >> it is one of the biggest franceational months we have. that is what we'll see and that is what we are seeing today.
6:44 am
the current temperatures are in the 30s this morning. 38degrees in the nation's capital and in annapolis and in quantico. 39degrees at manassas. frederick, maryland is at 37. winchester, virginia, 38 degrees. off to the east, cambridge, maryland is at 37 degrees early this morning. here is a look at the satellite- radar composite for our region. it is radar action here. nothing to show. no precipitation nor do we expect any precipitation today. we do have a few clouds showing up rather lightly out there this morning. actually fairly good cloud cover up to the north an west but some good sunshine as well for our sunrise which took place a couple of moments ago officially. here is our system down in texas. that is where much of our weather has come from during last several weeks. again, this system will track to the east. the different with this one, we believe it stays to our south and east. l me show you the surface map. show you the possibilities with this storm system. there is an area of low
6:45 am
pressure to the north. that is the big blizzard that continues to impact new england, believe it norte, still getting precipitation across maine. then the other storm system down to the south and east in texas now moves across the gulf, draws in ?aft moisture. then moved off the coast probably around the carolinas. -- draws in some of that moisture. some possibilities take this farther out to sea. this is a good possibility that is what is it will do. if so w won't see much in the way of precipitation t could be mess messy. -- it could be messy. some rain mixed with snow. 49degrees for your high. the wind could gust to 30 miles per hour. for your five-day forecast, again, cooler temperatures after today. our highs will be in the mid --
6:46 am
low to mid-40s actually with that chance of some wintry mix, messy precipitation tuesday night into the early half of wednesday and then lower than normal temperatures for the end of the workweek but i do think there is a possibility that over the weekend, we see stems up around 50 degrees. >> wouldn't that be nice? >> yeah, that will be nice. it is time for ask the weather guy. it is the segment where tucker barnes an i put our big geeky weather heads together to answer your most pressing questions weather-related or otherwise. today's question is from gladys r. she asks if we get our cold weather from canada, where does canada get their cold weather? that is a good question. i'm not an expert on this. but i assume -- i don't assume. it is an educated guess here. it comes from the arctic to the north of canada. tucker barnes, who as i like to mention, a climatologist and knows about such things, has been looking into this and probably knew it off the top of his head anyway y i had an idea
6:47 am
but i didn't know if t. for sure. ever see ice truckers? >> the show? yeah. >> that is where they go and get it. >> they pick it up and bring it down. >> here is short answer. it is home grown for the most part. canada during much of the year, four, five, six months of the area, they are far enough north that they have very, very long nights and ver short days and that is what you need, that lack of sunlight, that lack of warmth. the earth does not receive much in the way of sunshine and during the late fall and winter months. you get these unbelievably cold air masses across central and northern associations of canada. it is not only canada by the way. it is the arctic region, much of northern europe including siberia gets the cold air. there e different types of air masses what call across canadas the responsibility continental polar air masses -- as the continental polar air
6:48 am
miss. i was looking up some temperatures. coldest temperature ever in canada, how about minus 81 in yukon, canada. >> when was that? >> that was in the 1940s. but that is not the coldest part of the northern hemisphere. that would -- those honors go to siberia. very cold, minus 90 in parts of siberia. >> coldest temperature ever on planet earth while we're having one fun with this one, minus 132 in antarctit can get chilly >> you tend to forget unless you are looking at a globe, how far north canada does go. we think about the southern part of it. >> really generated quite a chill yesterday during the last six minutes of geament. >> where do we get our hot air here. >> we get extra from capitol hill. >> tucker barnes. >> thanyou for that question. if you would like to have your
6:49 am
question answered, go to click on the weather tap. what have we got today? it is still see cold. very good. this is maah carey. >> all right, julie wright. take it way. >> did he just say banana-rama. >> one of his favorite. >> is he reliving junior high over there. good lord. here we are out on the roads. sky fox with us right now checking out the commute as you approach the beltway at 66. you will fine lanes are open. traffic slows wean the two 234 interchanges out of manassas leaving fair oaks to 123 and after nutley street right here trying to merge onto northbound 495. it is bumper-to-bumper traffic there and slow. the crash at falls road in the local lanes on the shoulder, delays stacking up out of germantown. southbound 29 here at fairland road, i got the left through lane blocked and the left turn lane tied up with this accident activity. big delays coming bound off of 29. wave got delays on the outer loop headed right into the sunshine leaving eisenhower
6:50 am
avenue headed toward the wilson bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. back to you. >> thank you. you might wa it being twice before you post something onto facebook, twitter or whether it is a status update or photo. it could in the end be a lot more trouble than it is worth. here to talk more about this is doug winter, an attorney and head of electronics discovery unit at bryan cave. thank you for being here. >> good morning. >> we fwawkd this in the past but it seems like people continually get into trouble because mostings they put on- line. do people just assume this is information between themselves and a select group of friends? >> we live in a time where technology has given us an unprecedented ability to communicate with each other. with that comes an unprecedented individual responsibility. part of my job is to help companies and their employees understand and fulfill the responsibility. so much of it is about the blinders we put on. each time a new tool or new toy comes along, we use it and
6:51 am
think the old rules don't apply any longer. but they do. >> we have five top tips here that hopefully people at home can keep in mind when they look throu this. we'll put those up. you said know the rule. depending on which site it is. >> you have to know the rules. most forward looking companies hae an internet policy in place. but every company has a workplace policy. those things govern what you can and cannot do on the internet. you have the services and the sites themselves. they have terms of service. you have to fulfill them. you might spend a lot of time on facebook building up your friends and building up a nice facebook page only to find out you violated the term of service and you're terminated. so you've got to understand the rules going in. ask your employer about them. >> and you mentioned building up your friend list. you want to choose those friends eaflly. don't accept effect that comes along. >> absolutely. in the jeff day world, friends are based on relationships an trust. that is not the case on-line. we know a lot of people look at
6:52 am
social networking sites where the idea is to collect as men friends as possible. that is fine if you are a rock band or an aspiring comedian. about if you are there to social networking, it can create a lot of problems. >> this goes along with the line of privacy. we can't expect privacy anymore when the information is essentially out there for anybody. >> absolutely. when i say to people all the time is look, whatever you do job line, you should expect it will show up on fox 5 the next morning. that is the kind of behavior you need to have. really, to make sure that you are safe and that you maintain your job, you maintain your friends. you maintain the kind of site that is out there that represents you well. >> as we move onto the next tip here, one. questions i had, lets gate to this first. you say stay on the job. >> that amniocentesis if you are an employee or you wanted to hold onto your job or get a bet job, you need to work on- line as if you were on the job. you are at home, in your private space, don't forget
6:53 am
that have a job and behave appropriately. you don't want to be venting about problems at work or complaining about a co- employee. you have to be careful with company secrets, confidential information. >> the last thing you say, this goes along with what you just said about make sure you know that if you say something, it could end up on the front page of a newspaper. just think before you click that send button. >> you have to think before you click. every time you sign up for a new service, it is going to be the same. the same rule needs to apply. be thoughtful going in. you don't want some action to affect you personally or on the job. >> there are dangers not just with your job but also dangers if somebody else take a photo, manipulates that note owe and resubmits it some elsewhere else or some somebody takes your information and finds a way to manipulate that. is there any recourse for any of us that put things on-line if something should happen. do we have any recourse in that? >> yes, on a company level, the policy that is in place is
6:54 am
going to govern what goes on. you have a certain right of privacy in the workplace. however, that is somewhat vague. if you are using your company's computer, your company has an absolute right on monitor e- mail, monitor your internet use and the like. so you have a recourse but it is limited to a certain extent. in the work place place by the company policy. there are laws out there to assist you whether it is you've been libeled on a tweet, whether someone has engaged in identity theft, whether someone has violated a copyright or invaded your privacy by taking things like photographs and reusing them. >>le have to wrap this up. -- we'll have to with respect this up. another thing that people say, head hunters, prospective employers will look at four took page. if your account is private, do they have any right to go in and look at that if they are in the considered a friend. >> you can to a certain ekt tent gain some access to some social networking material.
6:55 am
now depending on your privacy settings, you are able to regulate that. but there is no doubt it is a regular practice for prospective employers to go out there and look at employees' information on the web. >> just need to an ware. >> exactly. >> we appreciate it. thank you very much. back to you. >> thank you. chef around the world are getting ready identify friendly competition here in washington. holly has more on the battle between several embassy chefs when we come back. stay with us. than the government requires. are never giveany hormones or steroids. and no candy, gladys. (announcer) perdue. extra inspections. extraordinary chicken.
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it's important to be prepared for dinner. that's why i've prepared my perdue perfect portions fresh chicken breasts. they're individually wrapped, so you can cook what you need and store what you don't. [ male announcer ] perdue perfect portions. ready when you are. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. i'm holly morris. on this monday morning i want to to eat a light breakfast. because we are live at the house of sweden. and we're here because this month they're hosting the embassy chef's challenge. 12 chefs from embassies in d.c.
6:59 am
will compete head to head to create their own cuisine from their area of the world and this morning we're getting a preview. we have saidine -- sweden, morocco and beganna. and we'll check in with them. until then, fox 5 morning news continues right now. and just ahead on fox 5 morning news at 7:00, a battle on capitol hill means 2,000 federal workers are off the job today. furloughs and not getting paid. a lot of them in our area. this as some unemployment benefits are not getting paid. and the struggle to survive in chile. here at home, loved ones wait to hear from relatives. we'll get the latest ahead. and on metro rate hikes are now in effect. we'll break


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